Why LAC?

We want design to be approachable for anyone. We think it's possible for a web design, logo, creative idea, piece of commissioned artwork or photography to be well planned and hand crafted at the same time.

LimeArtCollective (LAC) is a digital design & photography studio. We are a group of like-minded artists, dedicated to creating the best, most out-of-the-box design concepts in the industry. All of our work is made from real brain power, by real artists.


To provide high quality creative solutions with positive results. Fresh design every time, guaranteed.

Think of us as the glue that holds your ideas and aspirations together to effectively communicate your purpose and identity to the world. One of the most important components to branding is your image. Make a lasting impact on your audience, and get it right the first time.

To do it effectively, you need the right people who understand design and how to utilize it.

What We Do


We're passionate about photography... and we're very good at what we do.

We are innovators and leaders of product, event & lifestyle photography. We can make your product images eCommerce ready for uploading directly into your Content Management System... and we'll even work directly with your vendors.

Booking Information

Web Design & Digital Media

We can build your website, Wordpress blog or landing page.

Need a single, parallax landing page for your product? How about a mulit-navigation website for your small business? We can do all that, and make it mobile friendly, omni-channel and relevant. Call us, let's talk.

Branding & Logo Work

Our team loves to create logos! Make a lasting impact on your audience, and get it right the first time.

Having a distinct personality helps brands stand on their own and create a connection with the public. But to do it well, you need people that understand design and how to use it.

The "Collective"

Our services, ideas and creative performance are based on real people with real experience.

Each artist, photographer or designer involved in the projects that we accept are able to fully contribute their talents because we keep our teams small. We're good listeners and take direction from clients like seasoned pros. Try us once for your design and creative needs and you will soon be telling all of your friends.